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From A Small Indian Village To Israel Journey Of A Vision India Fellow

A Unique Fellowship: Mentorship And Monetary Support

Vision India fellowship offers a unique way of mentorship, where fellows are full-time associates with the mentors, and needs-based other mentors are also available in public policy boot camps, during monthly fellowship training and at Zoom meetings as well. Having a person, or sometimes multiple people, who can fulfil the role of a mentor is essential. Mentorship in the life of a public leader is associated with a successful career, greater job satisfaction, and better performance. Mentorship is a mutually beneficial professional relationship between an experienced mentor and a less experienced fellow. It is important for fellows to connect with such a mentor irrespective of their long-term professional goals. At the same time, comfortable financial assistance is needed to suit well-qualified candidates, which is taken care of in this program.

Training starts at the public policy boot camp, which is a 21-day residential program. During the training, fellows are expected to begin planning their careers, focusing on specific skills and experiences needed to make a mark in their chosen path. I would quote the example of Napoleon Bonaparte; he said, “Ability is nothing without opportunity”; this has proved true for me. The Vision India Fellowship is one of the unique platforms in India, where youngsters like me are getting opportunities to pursue inspirational carrier paths. The fellowship has helped me broaden my understanding of society and offered me the scope to test my leadership skills.