5 Steps To Begin Your Journey In Gandhi FellowShip

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

~ Buckminster Fuller

Pandemic has changed the world fundamentally, from social to personal to individual’s perspectives to their opportunities. Talking about a developing country like India, which is already facing major social issues, be in education, leadership, employment, livelihood, environment, or in agriculture. Apart from these, this pandemic worked as a fuel giving a more damaging phase to the country’s condition. Looking into all the aspects, analysis says India needs to reinvigorate more than ever, meaning every investment big or small should be accessed through the lengths of development. The compelling requirement for reviving from this perilous time, Gandhi fellowship will act as a guide to navigate and survive this radical era of uncertainty by creating future nation builders.

The Gandhi Fellowship is an initiative anchored by Kaivalya Education Foundation and Piramal School of Leadership build on the core ideology to bring the change one wishes to see in the world and the belief in the process, using current reflection of society as a major tool for personal and social changes. To seize this opportunity for session 2021-2023, the basic eligibility criteria include unmarried, below 26 years (as of 31st Mar 2021), Graduate & 55% marks in 12th standard.

Now, all the information regarding registration and admission are detailed below.

  • Step 1: As you visit the official site gandhifellowship.org there appears an option “Apply now”, click that, to get email verification for registration.

Complete the registration process by entering the basic details required, wait for the email with the reset password link (if selected), or the candidates will receive a rejection email.

  • Step 2: Candidates have to fill a 3-page application form, where they will enter the Academic and ECA details, along with work experience & medical history, also has to answer 3 essay questions (biggest Failure, Biggest Achievement, Your Goal)


[Note: It is important for candidates to participate in ECA (at any level), otherwise, won’t be eligible for the next round.]

Eligible candidates will receive an email stating the application is completed and review is in process, whereas, the rejected candidate will get an email stating that they are not eligible due to min cut off.

  • Step 3 (Review Process): It includes two screening steps; Evaluation, which is done by the evaluator, and the shortlisted candidate will be eligible for panel interaction. Candidates who have written unnecessary answers will get an email stating that they are not eligible for the next step.


  • Step 4 (Group Discussion): Selected candidates will have a healthy group discussion and the Panel will enter the points based on their performances in GD. Also, the panel can reject/Select those candidates who are completely unaligned to the program.


  • Step 5(Panel Interaction): the selected Candidates will appear for panel interaction, whereas the remaining candidates, are either rejected or waitlisted and are informed for the same via email. Waitlisted candidates could also receive a selection letter after first pool selection, it is not compulsory that all the waitlisted candidates will receive their selection letter. The selected candidate status will be changed as admitted to sending offers.

Candidates who have uploaded their signed offer letter are informed about their location through email from May 3rd week. Candidates have to accept their location and must follow the instructions instructed in their email.

  • Finally, after completing, all the stages successfully you will be welcomed to experience the ride of your self-transformation.

So, Join the fellowship and let yourself experience this unique journey of self-discovery, reflection, purpose, and transformational leadership. For registration and more information click on the provided link mentioned below: https://gandhifellowship.creatrixcampus.com/verificationform/default/create

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