My journey in my words Saheli Bhattacharyya

Saheli Bhattacharyya, Gandhi Fellowship Alumna, Batch 2013-15 describes her journey of becoming a Changemaker. Read below to know more about her journey.

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in humans.”- Swami Vivekananda

Education is not what we learn, but what we think and how we act upon those thoughts. Education is not learning how to know things but learning how to gain knowledge to better our understanding of the world. That is what I LEARNT from Gandhi Fellowship. The year was 2013. Batch 2013-15. Location Jhadol, Rajasthan.

Gandhi Fellowship was an inexplicable journey. Currently, I am working as a curriculum developer for Jayn Knowledgeum, under Jain Group of Institutes. I remember, while in the fellowship I used to often ponder about how to be the ‘Change Maker’ that I am training here to be. Now, while developing a curriculum, what I reflect upon at every step is, am I being thought provocative enough? Am I assuring Change? Working as an educational professional, I believe, my biggest responsibility is to enable students to inquire and mobilize change on their own. Students should not just be skilled enough for the job market, they should be able to contribute back to society and continue to instigate minds. And the curriculum is my tool to shape little minds into thinkers and doers.

Undertaking a project during my fellowship, on menstrual health and hygiene was indeed a turning point in my life. Fearing public speaking, since I started babbling, addressing superstition and taboo ridden crowds on menstruation felt terrorizing. I distinctly remember the girl who was trembling due to nervousness when asked to read out from a menstruation cycle chart. She was struggling with words such as yoni or vagina and fumbling under her breath. Hardly did those little girls know that their city smart “didi” had to shed off her own first. Sometimes we spend a lifetime in our cocoon cursing what we’re born with.

Sometimes, it only takes one journey to open our eyes and remind us how much luckier we are. One thing I am certain about the future is that I will never stop being a ‘Change Maker’.

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