The Gandhi Fellowship is a 2 Year Residential, Professional program in Transformation Leadership

The fellowship is designed to develop young change leaders who embody and practice leadership skills that are needed to cause large scale social and public systems change. Nation builders in the context of Gandhi fellowship are committed youth who focus on developing the leadership skills which are required to create positive, large scale and lasting change in our society. The processes within the fellowship aim to shape the fellow’s leadership skills and make him/her outcome and result -oriented – focused on the long-lasting change his/her actions can drive.

Change 1 Million Lives in 10 Years

The fellowship curriculum is focused on providing an experience wherein fellows are mentored in becoming social Change Leaders to touch at least a Million lives. The core belief of the program is that the only way we can ensure all lives are improved is if we have committed and skilled people in large impact roles, who can collaborate and innovate to solve such problems at scale.
The New Millionaire Program(TNMP)is structured to help fellows who want to make a difference and develop their potential over a period of 10 years (including the 2 years of fellowship) to become TNMs. The New Millionaire is defined as a person who can impact a million lives over a period of 10 years- from a fellow to an alumnus.

Who are we looking for

This is a Professional Program which is best-suited to the Youth of India who are looking for an independent and unique career choice and who can take India forward in the Development sector as Social Entrepreneurs. We are looking for bright young minds across India who have demonstrated leadership quality through their work in academics and beyond. The Fellowship is open to graduates or post-graduates across all disciplines. Young professionals below 26 years can also apply for the Fellowship.


You shall be entitled to an all-inclusive monthly grant of Rs. 14,000, a fixed monthly phone allowance of Rs. 600 and rent-free accommodation medical insurance and other allowances as applicable.

Of the monthly grant of Rs. 14,000, half shall be paid on monthly basis and the remaining Rs. 7000 would be retained as interest-free reserve amount. The cumulative reserve amount will be paid at the end of the term of Fellowship after the period of 23 months. In case the Fellowship is terminated earlier, the cumulative reserve amount will be paid to you subject to following conditions:

Fellowship termination between 0-11 months: no claim to cumulative reserve amount;

Fellowship termination after completion of 12 month: entitled to claim cumulative reserve amount for 12 months (i.e. 7000 x 12), but amount will be credited at the end of the Fellowship term;

Fellowship termination between 12-22 months: No claim for additional months after 12 months (i.e. 7000 x 12), but amount will credit at the end of the term of Fellowship;

Fellowship completion at 23 months: entitled to claim 23 months of cumulative reserve amount (i.e. 7000 x 23).

The New Millionaire Program: This program supports aspiring Social Entrepreneurs through special idea incubation, business mentor-ship and start-up funding support up to Rs 20 lakh after fellowship graduation.

School Leadership Development Program

The School Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is a foundational program initiated in 2008 and is focused towards developing Personal leadership, Instructional leadership, Institutional leadership and Social Leadership skills in Headmasters to efficiently manage the school and effectively engage with the staff & communities to improve student learning outcomes. School Leadership Development Program creates leadership capacity in the education sector and works in 1300+ schools across 12 districts in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana and Uttarakhand.

The essence of the School Leadership Development Program is in the belief that by developing young change leaders who embody and practice leadership skills we can cause large scale social and public systems change and thus bring systemic change in public education system. Through, Gandhi fellowship, a 2-year transformational journey, 5 fellows work to improve 25 schools by developing capabilities of Self, Building Leadership skills of Headmasters and Solving problems of the community. The Fellowship journey and the school journey propels them towards becoming a social leader by engaging in self change, school change and community change.

District Transformation Program

The District Transformation Program (DTP) in the Aspirational Districts is one of Mass Movement (Jan Andolan) where our team, (Gandhi Fellows, Program Leaders and Program Managers) work at Scale. Since each District is categorically divided into Blocks and further to Clusters, each Fellow works with Block and Cluster level stakeholders to improve Student Learning Outcomes, Female literacy issues, enrolment, increase attendance, solve dropouts, create mechanisms for Community support of his/her Block’s Government schools & Government aided schools. The Gandhi Fellow innovates and tries out various interventions to build a cohesive School-Community environment in his/her Block which takes ownerships towards furthering Education of Children. The Gandhi Fellow also starts his/her own ecosystem Project in the Block to develop his/her competencies to become a Social Entrepreneur. Another key aspect to the Fellowship in the Aspirational Districts is that the Gandhi Fellow helps builds partnerships with other NGOs/Community Based Organizations(CBOs) and the District Administration to create opportunities for collaboration .The Gandhi Fellows in the DTP NITI / District Transformation Program(DTP) in Aspirational Districts have so far taken up various Fellowship Processes like School Ecosystem Immersion , Government Systems Immersion, Block Ecosystems Immersion, Community Immersion ,Leadership Curriculum along with Daily Debrief , Monthly Workshop and Bootcamps. At present, the Gandhi Fellowship Program is working in 25 out of the 115 Aspirational Districts.

State Transformation Program

State Transformation Program is designed on our belief in the power of personal transformation, distributed leadership and designing institutions that create meaning, learning, joy and pride in education officers while improving quality of education at state level.

State Transformation Program (STP) partners with state governments to realign their state and district level education structures, capabilities, processes and technology. The overall objective of STP is to help state institutions sustain-ably build a skilled and engaged teacher workforce equipped to deliver 21st century skills to their students. The program designs and implements practical change across levels and builds institutional capability to absorb and nurture change in the long run.

Since its inception in 2016-17, STP is currently partnering with 10 state governments, including three states where we are partnering with NITI Aayog and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for the SATH-E (Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital) Program.

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