Over the next decade, we hope to create a new generation who will touch One Million lives each by leading positive social change agendas with creative problem-solving minds; and creating empathy for the constituents they are working with.

Placements aligned to each Fellow's Private Dream

The Placement team has its unique mapping systems in place so that the fellow is placed in organizations offering to follow their Private Dream. Strategic placement aligned to a candidate's Private Dream is an innovative and one-of-a-kind placement process. A mentor to support the fellow in his/her PD journey is essential and hence, a fellow is encouraged to find mentors.

Continued support and training for Alumni

The Alumni team launched its Decadal Learning Program to support the journey of the New Millionaire. This is a ten-year journey towards excellence. It aims at creating 1000 young men and women who will touch 1 million lives each.

Our alumni, with a simple sign-up process, can avail of the following processes:

Career Management

Helping our Alumni assert their value system to build collaborative teams and deliver rigor and excellence in public system change. Our key role will be to network with the opportunities in the social change marketplace and to extend support with career transition and development to help maximize impact.

Workshops and Boot-camps for Leadership Development

A busy calendar of expert-led sessions to develop domain skills and professional competencies for successful social change careers. You will find yourselves in a vibrant reflective space where short-burst modules will redefine your life path, decisions and career possibilities. For starters, three kinds of modules that address:

  • 1. Specific professional skills,
  • 2. Leadership issues, and
  • 3. Group reflection processes.

Coaching and Mentoring

A multi-disciplinary panel of distinguished people is being created to act as Executive Coaches to deliver one-on-one guidance and counseling to enhance domain understanding and develop both generic and specific professional skills. They will extend support in honing an alumni's goals as well reaching them to achieve both professional and personal growth.

Leadership Curriculum

A Reading and Reflection Process for building perspective, understanding Political Economy, Social Innovation, Business Processes, Trends, Technology and, most important, developing Self Awareness. This will be done through carefully selected readings of case studies and extracts from various sources.

Servicing the 'Self'

Servicing the 'Self', Managing failure, partner/spousal issues, burnout: these are the inevitable components of a pursuit driven by passion. We are looking to get on board professional counselors and therapists to help see these phases as milestones, not millstones.