The professional program is neither classroom based nor theoretical. A Gandhi Fellow goes to the field and learns through his work with the Head Master, Program Leader, the Community and other Gandhi Fellows.

It focuses mainly on the fellow going to the field and working with the school principals.

On-the-job training

In preparing the fellow to meaningfully converse with the principal and understand the context of the school, the first three months are spent in teaching in a classroom (Whole School Immersion), living with the parents of a student in the school (Community Immersion), learning to organize something in the community where he or she lives as a guest, and attending one five-day classroom module along with the HMs (during their in-class training). The fellows then provide field support to the principal in their schools.

Preperation to undertake a life-long journey as an 'influencer' of large public systems.

Fellowship Training

Life of Fellow on Location

Simultaneously, time is spent on helping the fellows learn the basics of managing change, planning, acting, and reflecting (Personal Reflection, Learning Journey); understanding self and transforming self (Learning Journey); learning about change leaders from books and cases (LC); learning about social sector in the country (Learning Journey1).

Team Learning

Over the period of two years, there is regular monitoring and feedback for the fellows on all these competencies, primarily from the Program Leaders (PLs). This gives the fellows clarity on where he/she stands vis-a-vis the competencies and the areas for development. A major aspect of the training is the Field Support (FS). During FS, each GF works closely with up to five school HMs and takes the responsibility of helping them to work on their PLDP or DTP action plans. The fellows learn to make use of different kinds of interventions depending on the competencies that each HM needs to develop. They learn from each other and also draw upon the experiences written down by the previous fellows.

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