Frequently Asked Questions

The Fellowship
  • What is the Gandhi Fellowship?

    Gandhi Fellowship is an intensive, experiential, 2-year residential professional program in Transformational Leadership that helps talented young people learn all the necessary soft skills to sustain in the 21st century.

  • What is the course of 2 years in the fellowship?

    The fellowship aims to measure the holistic development and growth of each fellow. The fellowship curriculum works towards the building and strengthening of every fellow’s leadership.

    The fellowship is built around the following processes:

    1. Leadership Curriculum

    2. Monthly Workshops

    3. Boot Camps

    4. Kaun Banega The New Millionaire (K.B.T.N.M)

    5. Learning Journey

    6. Field Support

    7. Community Immersion

    8. Classroom Immersion

    9. Government System Immersion

    10. Vipassana

    11. Debriefs

    12. One-On-one

    The curriculum is also subject to modification based on the varying needs of the community we engage with and the fellows.

  • How is the fellowship different from a job?

    The organization identifies fellows based on their existing skills and competencies, then customizes the journey of each fellow according to the aspiration path identified, helping them articulate their private dream backed by a public reality. A fellow gets various facilities along with a stipend. A job is a defined task where an employee has to work towards the goals of an organization/company, which involves a basic payment structure.

  • What do fellows exactly work on in the school?

    Their major role is to get a first-hand experience of the classroom to understand the various aspects of teaching and learn about our ultimate stakeholder: the child. Over the 2 years of the fellowship, a fellow will consult the headmasters, teachers and other government officials to build their capacity as a leader, overcome school-related challenges- organizing an ideal morning assembly, increasing student enrolment, improving the mid-day meal system, the kitchen garden, library, organizing School Management Committee (SMC), mobilizing community participation and improving the quality of student learning. Fellows also work with district officials to transform schools by developing people, processes and data management system, and work with state-level officials to impact systems that equip sustainable changes.

  • How will the fellows benefit from the fellowship program?

    By working on a social change problem, the fellows build themselves while building the nation. In doing so, they will understand change leadership at a deep level, and a system design thinking process that they can apply to any social problem they want to solve. The fellowship is designed to help the fellows develop leadership competencies.

  • When was the fellowship started?

    Founded in 2008, Gandhi Fellowship started with 11 fellows in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. The aim was to create young change leaders across the country to drive positive transformation at all levels by reforming the system of public education.

  • Why was the fellowship program created?

    India is facing a serious leadership crisis in every domain.The fellowship feels the need to guide talented young minds to actively engage with solving the myriad problems plaguing the country today. The fellowship curriculum is focused on providing an experience wherein fellows are educated in becoming social change leaders to impact at least a million lives positively. The core belief of the program is that the only way we can ensure all lives are improved is if we have committed and skilled people in large impact roles, who can collaborate and innovate to solve such problems at scale.

  • What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the Gandhi Fellowship Program?
    • Age group 18-26 years

    • Achiever in Academics and Extracurricular activities (Sports, NCC, NSS, voluntary work, performing arts, debate, literature etc)

    • Sensitive towards the pressing problems of the nation

    • Graduate and Post Graduate from any of the diverse streams: Engineering, Applied and Pure Science, Commerce, Management, Humanities and Liberal Arts, Social Work, Psychology and Behavioural Science, Mathematics, Journalism and Mass Communication, Education, Law etc.

    • Single

  • What are the core principles of the fellowship program?

    The fellowship is inspired by the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Two core principles which are at the foundation of the fellowship are:

    • “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

    The youth who sign up for the fellowship are motivated to first look at themselves, bring in personal changes as required and then impact positive changes in the society they live in.

    • “Creating opportunities for reflection in action”.

    The fellowship operates on the belief that the only way to understand the society related conditions better is to put oneself in those circumstances and gauge one’s reactions to it. The process of action and reflection provides the fellows with an in-depth insight into their inner self and the intensity of the problems in the society and systems around them. With this practical method of training, they find their own strength and the clarity to resolve problems at large.

  • Why is the fellowship program for 23 months and not a year or three years?

    The fellowship is not designed for one year because we believe that developing effective leadership skills takes time and cannot be compressed in a twelve-month schedule. The fellowship believes that in the 23-month journey, a fellow has to gain 7 basic competencies which require a dedicated time frame. The fellowship curriculum is designed to help the fellow attain these competencies in this period of time.

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