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Bharat Collaborative

Digital Bharat Collaborative

Promote equitable access to quality services through

digital transformation of public systems

Supporting State Public Health to improve availability, accessibility and quality of healthcare by leveraging technology to ensure Continuum of Care.

Long Term Vision And Roadmap

Support the State IT Program Management Unit to bring multiple  technical experts together to build a transformation roadmap.

Build System And Tech Readiness

Holistic digital transformation approach that re-engineers 
processes, enables improved
technology, structured organization.

Strengthen Governance

Set-up distributed and data-based governance structures to support the  state in improved Governance and decision making.

The Genesis

The Digital Bharat Collaborative recognises the challenges faced by the government in adopting technology in its systems and processes. The focus on data capture alone, lack of integration with existing systems, and absence of a long-term digital vision and in-system capacity for execution are some of the core challenges. The initiative seeks to address these issues through a robust system integration approach and a collaborative model that encourages sustained collaboration.


The Digital Bharat Collaborative uses a digital transformation approach that provides a continuum of care through two pillars – field deployment and integrated solutions. 
The field deployment empowers frontline workers, leverages telemedicine services, and utilises mobile medical units (MMU). The integrated solution strengthens facilities, enables IoT implementation, integrates technology, and enables governance. 
The approach aims to create a single port of call for healthcare services, provide a continuum of care, offer clinical excellence, and enable data-driven decisions.

The Journey
so far

Tribal Health Collaborative has already made considerable headway in its approach to improve tribal health

  • Digital Bharat Collaborative has launched the AMRIT (Accessible Medical Records via Integrated Technologies) health technology platform, integrating health solutions in Bihar as a pilot project to become NDHM (National Digital Health Mission) compliant.
  • Bahmni Hospital Management system has been deployed to digitize patient health records, and AMRIT Facility Application has been deployed in 6 health and wellness centers. A centralized data warehouse has been built at the Command and Control Centre to enable real-time data-backed decisions.

The SAKHI application has digitally enabled ASHA workers in Bihar to provide virtual field support to over 10,000 families and 535 expectant mothers. Health helpline and eSanjeevani have been integrated with AMRIT for seamless telemedicine applications, and mobile medical units have made over 4 million visits and generated 3 lakh referrals.


Expectant Mothers



Our Impact

The Collaborative’s Impact in
25 Districts in 7 States

  • Digital Bharat Collaborative’s efforts have had a significant impact, helping over 65 lakh+ beneficiaries across 5 states.
  • The SAKHI application has digitally enabled ASHA workers to provide virtual support to families and expectant mothers, and the integration of health helpline and eSanjeevani with AMRIT has improved access to telemedicine services.
  • Mobile medical units have made essential health services accessible in remote areas, and Bahmni Hospital Management system has digitised patient health records.
  • 750 patients screened by The AMRIT Facility Application and 30 IoT devices installed for remote monitoring of medical devices.
  • The integrated health-tech ecosystem has enabled interoperability and care-continuum, and the centralized data warehouse at the Command and Control Centre has facilitated real-time data-backed decisions.

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Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine

Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine