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About The Fellowship

We started in 2008 with just 11 Fellows, and the whole idea of the Gandhi Fellowship is about the mantra that building yourself can change society and systems. Our 23 Months full-time immersive fellowship program helps you connect with the real world, understand problems from the ground up, and come up with innovative solutions. Today we have extended our family with an alumni base of 2000+ fellows who are transforming India into media houses, Development Sector Professionals, Government Consultants, corporate employees, and Social Entrepreneurs where they continue to excel and contribute. Here, the youth gets to work alongside organisations doing incredible work or even kick-start their very own initiatives. The possibilities are endless. 

During the fellowship journey, the Gandhi fellows get this unique opportunity of Experiential Learning with the cohort of young individuals from across the country to develop better understanding about SELF and NATION.

Every Gandhi Fellow is encouraged to observe the world around them at close proximity, plan interventions and create impact through innovation. The work done during the fellowship goes a long way in moulding one into a nation builder.

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Aspirational Framework

The 23 Months Gandhi Fellowship journey unlocks a personalised path to growth for you along with  diverse groups of fellows & equips them with leadership skills to create positive, large scale and lasting change in society by tackling pressing social challenges

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Self Motivation
  • Positive Psychology
  • Cultural and Territory Knowledge
  • Role-specific Knowledge
  • Building Social Impact Solutions
  • Enable High Impact on Field
  • Technology integration
  • Leverage Data for Impact
  • Collaborative work
  • Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Team Management
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Education Sector Knowledge
  • Systems and Process Thinking
  • Strategic Management
  • Development sector Knowledge
  • Business Modelling
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and Selling
  • Policy Influence
  • Public systems charge

Gandhi Fellowship Values & Principles

Non Violent Communication
Growth Mindset
Influence Without Authority
Grit And Resilience
Entrepreneurial Abilities
Denominator Thinking
Sustainability Focus

The core belief of the program is that the only way we can ensure all lives are improved is if we have committed and skilled people in large impact roles, who can collaborate and innovate to solve problems at scale. The fellowship provides an experience wherein fellows are mentored in becoming social change leaders to touch at least a million lives.
Community Immersion
Boot Camps
Field Support
Learning Curriculum
Public System Project (PSP)

Community Immersion

Fellows embrace the pulse of the community through immersive engagement. With a fresh perspective, they discover transformative opportunities within challenges, and ignite innovative solutions as a catalyst for change.

Boot Camps

Fellows Experience transformative growth at Gandhi Fellowship’s immersive Boot Camp, inspired by the Indian Army’s rigorous training, where fellows engage in cross-training, develop a growth mindset, and unlock their full potential.

Field Support

Fellows are entrusted with a designated block in a district, actively driving positive change in the attitudes and actions of government officials, stakeholders, and community members.


Vipassana – Through a 10-day Vipassana journey, fellows unveil the profound interplay between mind and body, and experience profound self-transformation and heightened self-awareness.


Engaging in daily debriefing sessions, fellows reflect on their experiences, sharing insights and learning from one another, thus paving the way for transformative individual growth and catalysing systemic change on a larger scale.

Learning Curriculum

To become a good leader, one should be able to address, accept and resolve confusions and contradictions within self. Leadership Curriculum, is one such process that systematically takes a fellow through this journey. The idea behind this thoughtfully crafted process helps every individual to uncover their true essence and lead a more fulfilling life. This understanding further helps them to manage change and stress in their current and future endeavours.

Public System Project (PSP)

“Public System” refers to the comprehensive framework and established practices through which a system operates. To bring about significant transformation, it is essential to leverage existing foundations while embracing disruptive and innovative ideas, as well as having the courage to take risks in pursuit of one’s convictions.


During the Fellowship, you’ll encounter various challenges, both personal and professional. Regular one-on-one sessions with your Program Leader foster a strong bond, provide valuable feedback, and help identify and overcome any hidden obstacles on your journey

Community Immersion

Boot camps

Field Support


Anamaya, The Tribal Health Collaborative

Anamaya, The Tribal Health Collaborative is a program committed to end preventable deaths for tribal and other marginalized communities across India.

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Aspirational Bharat Collaborative

Aspirational Bharat Collaborative is a program that collaborates with Civil Society and Driving Campaigns to saturate schemes & improve delivery of services to Citizens in Aspirational Districts.

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Digital Bharat Collaborative

Digital Bharat Collaborative is a holistic digital transformation to promote access to quality services and equal opportunities for all Indians.

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Piramal School of Leadership

Piramal School of Leadership is a program to foster spirit of Sewa Bhaav in leaders across domains of education, health, climate change and justice.

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Big Bets

In just a decade, Piramal Foundation has dynamically expanded its horizons,and established long-term partnerships to confront the pressing challenges in the social sector. By strategically deploying Big Bets, we target the core barriers that hinder our most underserved communities, rallying more hands and minds to our cause. With our suite of innovative solutions, Big Bets will leapfrog India towards achieving her Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Our Big Bets Include-

  • Anamaya,The Tribal Health Collaborative
  • Aspirational Bharat Collaborative
  • Digital Bharat Collaborative
  • Piramal School of Leadership

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