Embracing Change: Unveiling 21st-Century Skills through the Gandhi Fellowship

In an age where the digital revolution has transformed how we live and work, embracing one’s true passion has become pivotal for success and fulfillment.

The Gandhi Fellowship, an initiative by the Piramal Foundation, recognizes this shift from traditional knowledge acquisition to its practical application and hence organized an insightful workshop on the 24th of November 2023 at the seminar hall of ‘Pondicherry University’. This transformation in thought and skill was the focal point, aiming to align students with the demands of the 21st century in collaboration with Pondicherry University,

Dr. Anbu inaugurated the session, emphasizing the need for contemporary skills in today’s fast-evolving world. He highlighted the ongoing collaboration between the University and the Gandhi Fellowship, both committed to making a tangible impact. The workshop began with a lively ice-breaker, setting a relaxed and interactive environment. Faculty members participated actively, showcasing a collaborative spirit.

The first segment addressed the concept of ‘Change’. Students engaged with real-life scenarios, actively contributing to discussions and shaping the narrative around change. This interactive approach fostered a deeper understanding and personal connection to the subject.

We then delved into the evolving job landscape, encouraging students to explore current and future job prospects and those likely to fade away. This exercise underlined the significance of technology and new-age skills, like Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, in the transformation of job sectors. Students, through group brainstorming, identified essential skills needed for future careers, demonstrating their adaptability and foresight.

An emotional connect was made with Ms Reshma, a Gandhi Fellow from the Pondicherry University Alumni, sharing her inspiring journey from a small village in Kerala to making significant impacts across India. Her story resonated with students from various fields, leading to a lively Q&A session.

The workshop concluded with Dr. Sukhvinder Singh sharing insights about various opportunities in the sector and encouraging students from all disciplines to join the Fellowship. His felicitation for supporting the 16th batch of the Gandhi Fellowship was a moment of appreciation and gratitude.

Dr. Satheesh Kumar’s vote of thanks emphasized the Fellowship’s societal impact, urging students to seize this transformative opportunity.

In summary, the workshop was a testament to the power of innovative student engagement strategies. It not only introduced students to critical 21st-century skills but also set the stage for future collaborations, placing students at the heart of this learning journey. The Gandhi Fellowship continues to pave the way in empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

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