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The Fellowship

What is the Gandhi Fellowship Program?

Initiated in 2008, the Gandhi Fellowship Program is an opportunity for the nation’s promising youth to solve the country’s most pressing problems in various sectors by working closely with the administration and government officials. It is a 2-year full-time residential, leadership development program that helps young people connect to the grassroots, understand issues first-hand, and implement innovative solutions to cause change in self, system and society.

Gandhi Fellowship Program is designed in a way that helps fellows to practise a cyclic process of- ‘Plan- Act- Reflect’. The program follows an extensive curriculum focused towards developing soft skills necessary for sustenance in the 21st century.

Why was the fellowship program created?

Swami Vivekananda once said, “Give me 100 bright young minds and I will change the world”; It was this idea that mightily inspired the advent of India’s biggest Fellowship, in terms of human resources and operational terrain.

“Be the Change You wish to see in the world” – this quote by Mahatma Gandhi heavily inspired the formation of the Gandhi Fellowship and its subsequent journey.

The Fellowship was designed to instil the ideals of Empathy in the individuals and enabling them to discover the path of “Self-Change to System Change”. It focuses on harnessing the leadership capabilities and problem-solving skills of the youth, thereby setting them on the path of change management.

Also, the Gandhi Fellowship aims to support and facilitate the culture of Excellence and Empathy among the middle management of the government ecosystem.

How is the fellowship different from a job?
The organisation identifies fellows based on their existing skills and competencies, then customises the journey of each fellow according to their aspiration paths identified, helping them articulate their private dream backed by a public reality. A fellow gets various facilities along with a stipend and extended opportunities post Fellowship. Also, the Fellows get access to be a part of a very diverse alumni community, serving pan-India across sectors and developing their network.
What does the 2-year process offer?
The fellowship aims to measure the holistic development and growth of each fellow. The fellowship curriculum works towards building and strengthening each Fellow’s leadership skills. The fellowship is built around the following processes:
  • Leadership Curriculum
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Boot Camps
  • Field Support
  • Community Immersion
  • Government System Immersion
  • Vipassana
  • Debriefs
  • One-on-one
  • Public System Projects
How will the fellows benefit from the fellowship program?
Fellowship constitutes a multitude of processes and systems that enhance the skills and capabilities of the candidates. Along with this, the pan-India Alumni network creates a plethora of opportunities post Fellowship. The program also provides umpteen opportunities through various practicums for a Fellow to implement their ideas and work on them.
What is the eligibility criteria to apply for the Gandhi Fellowship Program?

The candidate should be a final year UG/PG (any stream) degree student, as of the current academic year 2023-24 or should have completed their UG Degree (in any stream).

The candidate should not be aged above 26 years.

The candidate should have a minimum average percentage of 55 across their tenth, twelfth and UG/PG degree.

How to apply for the fellowship?

Click on the Apply Now tab on the website.
Step 1. Registration and Application Form

Step 2. 1st round of interview (virtual mode)

Step 3. The final round of interviews (in-person interview/interaction)

Why is the fellowship program for 23 months and not a year or three years?
The fellowship articulates for a fellow to develop certain competencies which require an extensive practicum and on-ground experience. The leadership curriculum and other processes that bring about a positive transformation would require ample time to accentuate.

During The Fellowship

Which states in India is the fellowship functional?
Gandhi Fellowship operates across 27 states and 2 union territories in India: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Bihar
Do I get to choose my location?

No, you would not be allowed to directly select your location as many factors go with the allocation of locations.

The Fellowship team would consider multiple factors such as your educational background, work experience (if any), areas of interest, extra-curricular activities, and your performance in the Gandhi Fellowship recruitment process in allocating your location.

Do we get the same base location for the entire 2 years?
The location can be changed as per the need of the organisation, program and candidate fitment.

Stipend & Facilities

How much stipend do the fellows get in the 23 months? And what are other facilities provided during the fellowship?
Gandhi Fellowship is a two-year fellowship program, which is curated to instil twenty-first-century skills in the youth so that they can become future change leaders. The monthly stipend involved is a part of the unique grant system which aims to encapsulate a similar philosophy of encouraging and supporting the youth to develop entrepreneurship and risk-taking abilities. The Fellowship provides a stipend of Rs 24,500/- month, inclusive of all expenses depending on the location. Rs 7000/month of the total stipend will be retained as an security amount. The cumulative reserve amount will be paid at the end of the term and the successful completion of the fellowship after 23 months. Along with this cumulative grant, the fellows are also provided with technical support such as a tablet or laptop as well as a two-wheeler vehicle for travel purposes.
Is there any medical benefits given to the fellows?
Medical and life insurance, as well as accidental insurance, are offered to Gandhi Fellows for the duration of the two-year Gandhi Fellowship Program.
How safe is the residential fellowship program for the fellows?
Gandhi Fellowship is a recognised fellowship program throughout the country. At the beginning of the program, the fellows are well-inducted with the do’s and don'ts as well as the policies of the organisation. Next, they are sent to their respective locations along with their team. The team might include an immediate reporting manager (Program Leader/District Lead), Program Manager and admin staff. The fellows are in safe hands during the entire course of the fellowship. The program leaders and staff members are sensitised appropriately about gender and sexual security issues. The administration team supports all the fellows without being biassed towards any gender and sexuality in the location with customised and suitable solutions as and when required. The organization has zero tolerance for harassment, intimidation or humiliation of a sexual or gender-based nature in its workplace and is dedicated to ensuring the enactment, observance and adherence of the guidelines and best practices that prevent and prosecute acts of sexual harassment. The organisation strictly follows POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policies, and such cases are dealt with due diligence and priority.


Do fellows get holidays?
Yes, 30 days semester break in 23 months along with 3 fixed and 9 festive/floater leaves are scheduled to fit in with the fellowship calendar. The fellowship calendar might vary according to the particular program or project that the fellow is assigned to. Almost all activities during the 2-year program are done in groups, hence fellows are discouraged from taking random breaks apart from those which are scheduled for the group as a whole.
Are the fellows’ parents/partners allowed to live with them during the fellowship?
No, the parents/partners are not allowed to live with the fellows. However, they can visit their ward under the authorization of the assigned Program Leader of the fellows.
Can a fellow be allowed to continue or extend their fellowship after 2 years?
No, one cannot continue or extend the fellowship after 2 years.

Post Fellowship

What are the career prospects for fellows after the fellowship?
During the last semester of the fellowship, the fellows are provided assistance and mentorship to design their career graph. Relevant sessions about private dreams, social entrepreneurship, social intrapreneurship, ongoing trends in the development sector and other grooming workshops are conducted. Before graduation, the fellows are free to choose their career path and support is provided accordingly. The NEST (Network, Engage, Support, Transfer Knowledge) team works incessantly to bring relevant opportunities to the fellows.
How are the fellows supported to find a job post-fellowship?
There are teams dedicated to helping the fellow to plan and design their path post-fellowship. Once the fellow is clear with what he or she would like to do post-fellowship, relevant support is provided ranging from providing mock interview sessions, modifying CVs, writing cover letters, problem statements, pitching techniques, ideating etc
How are the fellows supported if they want to venture into social entrepreneurship after the fellowship, how does the organisation support them?
Social entrepreneurship is not an easy road. It is of utmost importance to develop an entrepreneurial mindset before starting any kind of venture. Fellows who have a social change idea and would like to work upon that post fellowship are supported with insights into an entrepreneurial mindset, mock pitching sessions, help in designing the problem statement and most importantly networking. They are supported by the Alumni Support Team – NEST.
Are the fellows limited to work in the development sector post the fellowship? What are the other opportunities that fellows can pursue?
The Gandhi Fellowship aims to develop and build on the 21st-century skills that the fellows already possess or aim to acquire. One of the primary aims of the fellowship program is to develop the youth as change leaders who are better able to lead organisational outcomes as well as team goals. Therefore, it should be clear here that the Gandhi Fellowship is not a sector-specific fellowship. Moreover, after completing the fellowship the Gandhi fellows evolve as better leaders and managers in whatever field or career path they choose to pursue. So, it is not necessary to continue in the development sector post-fellowship. There are various options that a fellow can go for including social intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and other domain-specific roles. Once the fellow can draw the aspiring career path, relevant support is provided.
Can a person do the Gandhi fellowship program twice?
It's a one time 2 year program and a person who has already graduated from the Gandhi Fellowship Program cannot join again.

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