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Gandhi Fellowship के कारनामे

Hey folks!
Greetings from Kheda Location’s DTP Team. A big THANK YOU to all of you for all your love, support and for reposting our cartoons so much that they found their way back to us. Really shows how connected we are as a Gandhi Fellowship community.

This is Jazreen Deboo (from Bombay) and Sagar Malik (from Haryana) who have come together to tell our fellowship story. Turns out its not just our story, its yours too!


We are Batch XI fellows who joined the fellowship last year and feel it really changed our lives. Here in Gujarat, we have taken inspiration from tea – an integral part of our daily survival. Two years of the fellowship will pass us by in the blink of an eye and you must drink the tea while it is still hot. (And keep good relations with Gujarati chai wallahs, you never know). So come and join us as we recall our journey so far. Find out if Gandhi fellowship is our cup of tea.  तो शुरू करे चाय पे चर्चा?


We met our entire team at PSL in June and we were so overwhelmed by the diversity of fellows in one campus.

“Diversity is about embracing differences and recognizing that amazing things are possible when it’s woven into an organization’s culture.”

Here’s what we think a Gandhi Fellow is made of:


Join us one day and live the life of a DTP Fellow:

Phew, tough day! Being a fellow involves going through a roller coaster of emotions. Check out some feelings of Sagar and Jaz through their journey so far.

  1. Dealing with the realities of a dynamic field
  2. Come end of the month ..
  3. Pleasant surprises ..
  4. Reflections
  5. Stakeholder Management
  6. Uh oh ..
  7. Kyunki ek accident toh banta hai ..
  8. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ..
  9. No place for the slow and steady here ..
  10. Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo ..
  11. Can’t explain, you really have to feel this one:

And during this fellowship ride of ups and downs, you’re bound to learn a lot of new things about yourself, the development sector and the country we live in. This journey of self change to system change will allow you to open your mind and expand your horizons to explore depths of yourself that you never imagined possible. From Classroom Immersion to Vipassana, from Field Support to Village Immersion and many more processes that will mold your way to being a valuable citizen of India.

Here are some things Jaz & Sagar have learned so far (other than multiple Baal Geets):

  1. The importance of data, understanding the need of the community and empathizing with the stakeholder.
  2. The District is our lab – a place to try new ideas, innovate and reinvent processes and experiences. Breaking linear patterns of thinking and exploring creative solutions and ways of working in the system.
  3. Leaving your home and venturing into a new district far away will break your bubble and expose you to the realities of rural India. How well are you coping with this?
  4. With great innovation comes great risk.
  5. सबका मंगल हो
  6. A small “Thank You” or “Good Job” goes a long way .. (Hail Ufra 😀 )
  7. There is no “I” in TEAM
  8. Its okay to screw up sometimes ..
  9. But whatever you do make sure you’re always making great memories!

That’s all from us!

See you all later over our next cup of tea!


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for Batch, 2025-27

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