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The 21st century, offers vast opportunities for those agile enough to adapt, collaborate, and commit to ongoing learning in a VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Living in this era is like a roller coaster – constantly shifting yet unpredictable. Events like the COVID pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and technological breakthroughs like Chat GPT are reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace. Are you prepared to ride this wave of change and seize opportunities in this ever-changing world?

So what are you waiting for? 

What we prepare you for?

VUCA World

21st Century VUCA world is all about facing the whirlwind of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.
Our aim is to light up the path for the youth across India, and help bridge this gap to make a real impact on ground.


Volatile is about the increasing pace of change, be in the industry or in the world in general. Everything is changing rapidly around us. Hence, we need to develop the skills to provide superior results and a competitive edge.


Uncertain is about the extent that we can reasonably predict the future. It is becoming harder and harder to forecast what is going to happen and the likelihood of surprises has risen. This pushes us to explore new ideas for sustaining ourselves.


Complex is about the many different and interconnected parts of problems that we face. Hence, superior decision-making skills are needed where things are complex, leading to consequences that are not foreseen.


Ambiguous is about not having enough clarity regarding a situation to make an informed decision about it. Information may be incomplete, contradicting or too inaccurate to draw definite conclusions. It is important for one to polish their skills and go beyond their comfort zones.

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Fellow's Experience

15 years of Gandhi Fellowship

Started in 2008 with a pioneering group of 11 Fellows, the Gandhi Fellowship Program is a powerful 23 Months journey of self-discovery and transformation.These ambitious young minds are on a mission to drive personal growth that cascades into transformative societal impact. The Gandhi Fellowship program being the flagship program of the Piramal Foundation,  shares a grand vision of a world that’s not just inclusive, equitable, and sustainable, but also a place where marginalized communities are at the center of the narrative. Our vision plan involves empowering government systems and unleashing the incredible power of youth with the spirit of service, or “Sewa Bhaav.”

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Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine

Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine

Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine

Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine

Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine

Fill Up The Form and Download the Magazine